Greensboro Christian Church

The Greensboro Christian Church exists to make disciples and meet needs all for GOD'S glory.

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Summer Camp

This is for high school students and under.

June 18-23=Junior Camp (completed grades 4-5)

June 25-June 30=Middle School 1 (completed grades 6-8)

July 2-7=Middle School 2 (completed grades 6-8)

July 9-14=High School (completed grades 9-12)

July 16-18=Short Timers (completed grades 2-3)

July 21-22=Buddy Camp (completed grades K-2)

Earlier Event: June 18
Later Event: July 5
Birthday Cookout

3232 Yanceyville St. Greensboro, NC 27405     336-621-5226

Coffee Bar   Sunday from 9:25am-9:40am and 10:40am-10:55am     Music Team Practice   Sunday 9am   Sunday School   9:45 am     Service   Sunday 11am   Discipleship Group   Sunday 4:30pm in different people's homes

Food Pantry   Tuesday from 9am-2pm

Family Nights   Wednesday 5:30pm in the gym   Bible Study   Wednesday 6:30 pm   

Music Team Practice   Thursday 6:30pm   Discipleship Group   Thursday 7pm